Rene Averett – Author

And to my author pages for my children’s books.  This is a new site and I’ll be working on making it fun and interesting to read.  I’ll also be adding sections for each book or series that I publish so you can link right to the pages that interest you by clicking on the header across the top for it.

At this time, I only have tabs for my Connie Cooks Cozy Mystery series for 6 to 8 year old children and my Storm Squad Rising book for mid-grade youngsters.  I have other books planned, but I’ll be telling you more about those as I get closer to doing them. Writing books takes time and I have several other projects that I’m working on.  So, be patient, my young friends.

In the meantime, check out whichever books interest you and learn more about the stories, the characters, and what’s next for them.  If you have stories or pictures to share, you can send them to me at:

Thanks for reading!