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Here are our new releases and upcoming books:

Releasing May 31st and available now for pre-order. Book 1 of Lillian I Wolfe’s  Time Threads series.

Mali Harper has something to prove and a real need to fit in somewhere. 

Her job watching the timeline is boring as Hell, but it’s about to change as a blip turns her whole life upside down. With her education as an era expert, Mali is drafted onto a time travel team to go back to the 18th century to correct the time anomaly. 

But there’s more to it, and Mali’s own past is pulled into the equation along with secret agendas. Her lack of training and field experience can be a hindrance to the team. Will her knowledge be enough to give her team the edge they need?

This time travel with a touch of steampunk is a page-turning adventure that spans the centuries. 

Available on Amazon and most all e-book sellers in mobi, e-pub, and PDF formats.



A Return to the world of O’Ceagan’s Saga…

For a shape shifter stranded on a distant world, water is life itself; the main thing that makes his self-imposed exile tolerable.

But Dari soon learns the waters of Erinnua are not like the seas of Earth. The sea life appears twisted and distorted. Swimming in it feels unnatural to his water horse form as he finds it disturbing and dangerous. Even the dominant underwater species may be suffering from the effects of a terrible human-caused accident. In fact, all life on the planet may be at risk if what he fears is true.

Can Dari convince the human colonists of the danger and work with them to prevent the disaster threatening their world? Set in the same universe as “O’Ceagan’s Legacy,” this tale takes the reader on an adventure with the shape-shifting puca as he explores his new home.

Lillian I Wolfe explores the new home of the puca on Erinnua in this new novel in the series.

Available on Amazon in eBook and paperback as well as at other e-book distributors.

Upcoming Release from Lillian I Wolfe, the 5th (and final) book of the Funeral Singer Series


A Song of Redemption has a planned release date of October 22, 2018.

The Battle hits home!

At a loss and depressed following her team’s failure to contain Belphegor, Gillian Foster begins to pull herself together to plan her next moves and build a network of other spirit escorts to help her. The threat of the soul thieves grows daily and thrusts the need to stop them solely on her.

The exciting final book of the Funeral Singer series, “A Song of Redemption” brings Gillian to her full power and wraps up the story with drama and explosive action.

Latest Release from Angelina Fasano Les Loupes Garous Series

Beta Rising

The Kingdom Will Fall…

As Christa begins to settle into her new role as True Alpha, she is confronted by new challenges to her authority and her pack…
She thought that with the death of Brendan, the threat of a Rogue was behind her. She is quickly learning that Brendan was just a pawn and another, more powerful foe is hiding, waiting to take what belongs to her.

If another Rogue wasn’t enough, a different kind of werewolf has come out of the shadows and seems intent on making her and her kind extinct.
Tensions are running high between her and Daniel as they try to navigate the dangerous path they have set themselves on, hiding their relationship as the threats converge upon them, forcing them apart in more ways than just distance.

Can Christa manage to confront the new threat and destroy the Rogue?
Will she be able to survive the ultimate betrayal?

Available now at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.

 Release from M.L. Weatherington’s The Franklin Files

Released September 30, 2019

This is one of those times where Melissa, Amanda, Doc Wexford, Murphy, and Walt are trying to unravel a puzzle. The mystery of the loquacious African Grey Parrot, the tape recording, and, well, you will see as you get into the story. You, like all of them, want answers from Art. But he’s not talking, find out why in THE GENTLE GIANT RETURNS

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


New Release from Riona Kelly

A first book in a new romantic suspense series, An American Rose Abroad, Echoes of the Past is now available at Amazon. Set in contemporary Wales, the book transports the reader from the coast at Cardigan Bay to the mountains of Snowdonia as the heroine becomes involved in a mystery she can’t ignore. See the launch page.


4th Funeral Singer Series Book released 

“A Song of Forgiveness” was released in Spring 2018. Check out Lillian Wolfe’s Scribe page for details.


Sands Reno  Comic Com

Lillian Wolfe will be hanging around the Pynhavyn Booth at the Reno Comic Con at the Sands Hotel on September 23 & 24 .  Come out and meet the her, buy books, see the con, and have a great time.  Information on the convention is here. Margaret McGaffey Fisk (The Steamship Chronicles) will also be at the booth both days. Both writers would love to chat with you and sign books. Also look for Lillian (under her real name) and Margaret to be presenting a panel on Saturday at noon on Immortality as seen by Hollywood. It should be interesting and fun!

Posted 09/19/17 by Pynhavyn Press

Book Two of The Franklin Logs: $ide$wiped

SIDESWIPED: Mystery, Crime, Thriller (Franklin Logs Series Book 2) by [Weatherington, M.L.]The second book of the series by M. L. Weatherington was released on May 24, 2017.

Ever had that sense that the other shoe was about to drop? Arthur Franklin lives with that feeling every minute and the tension grows with each passing second. Lodi’s experienced another homicide and Art has to watch from the sidelines. He feels useless as the case goes cold. He’s impatient as the damaged left arm needs to mend. Until then he can’t go back to work. One morning he comes out of his’ sorry for himself’ funk and turns to a friend for assistance. But fate steps in and goofs up a good thing and you’ll soon understand why Art is just waiting for that other shoe to drop. Available on Amazon.

3rd Funeral Singer Series book released 09/23/17!

The third novel, A Song of Betrayal, follows where A Song for Menafee left off as spirit escort. Gillian Foster, assists a new disembodied soul to help her locate the man who murdered her. As Gillian works the problem, she encounters more of the mysterious shades that have appeared in the ethereal cemetery on occasion. As she learns more, she feels the need to locate a mentor soon. What are the shades? What do they want? Can she help her new client and find the help she needs?

The new book releases on September 23, 2017 in paperback and eBook on Amazon.

Another New Cookbook in the LC15 Series

I’m Rene and released my third low carb cook booklet called “Magic Muffins for a Low Carb Lifestyle”.  It features more than 15 recipes on various ways to make quick, single-serving muffins that are delicious.   Based on the Muffin in a minute recipe that Atkins featured on their web site, these recipes take it a step or two or more further offering tempting and low carb bread, breakfast, and dessert muffins that will brighten up your day. It’s available now on Amazon.

And that’s not all. Now that I have three of these little booklets out, I’ve combined them into a 3-Volumes-in-1 set that you can get the Mexican Food, the Breakfast Choices and the new Magic Muffins for a lower price than buying individually. There’s more! I also have enough recipes in the three booklets to offer a print copy that will be coming out soon for those who like to have a book to carry into the kitchen or mark your own changes on. So look for that around October 1 on Amazon.

Posted 09/19/17 by Rene Averett

New Releases!

AlphasSong-72A Young Adult, urban fantasy novel, Alpha’s Song is Angelina Fasano’s first of a series novel and is releasing on August 5th, 2016.

Following the devastating death of her mother, Christa Ellsworth never expected to return to the town where she grew up, but five years later, she finds herself dragged back to the scene of her family’s tragedy.   Christa’s plan to finish high school unnoticed comes to a halt following a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome club owner she can’t get out of her head and she begins to uncover the extraordinary truth about the town she grew up in and an unusual birthright that is now hers.  Now she must figure out how to unite herself with the alpha she was meant to be, while coming to terms with a betrayal that directly affects her, and her heart could be left broken in two or worse.

First of a Children’s Series

lladle_page01Rene Averett is expanding from cookbooks to a children’s book series that features a mystery and a recipe.  In her first book, Connie and the Missing Ladle, eight-year-old Connie is going to learn to make biscuits from her Grampa.  But there’s a problem.  He’s cooking supper and he can’t find his ladle.  Can Connie solve the case of the missing ladle and learn to make biscuits before her Mom gets home from work?

It is a beautifully illustrated and charming book for seven to nine year-old kids.  It’s available in print and in eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords.  For more information, visit the launch page.

Debut Novel from M L Weatherington!

for evleven mil reasons-frontDebut Author M.L.Weatherington brings fictional character Arthur Franklin to life showcasing his struggles as a single father of a teenage daughter and highlights the demands of his job as Lieutenant of Homicide. Follow along as he strolls into a horrific crime scene that changes his life forever.  M.L. Weatherington’s written a stunningly entertaining page turner that will have your heart pounding and you on the edge of your seat as this mystery, thriller, and crime story set in Lodi California in the mid-1990’s unfolds.

A New Cookbook Series from Rene Averett

coverLC15-Mexican2_96Hi, I’m Rene and I’m starting a new cookbook series called Low Carb 15 and it features 15 low carb recipes for a low price of 99 cents on eBook format only.  It’s available on Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Kobo.  The initial offering is 15 low carb Mexican Food recipes, all tried and true by me.  You can enjoy Mexican food while maintaining your low carb lifestyle.

New Release from Lillian Wolfe!

3-d-01My latest book, O’Ceagan’s Legacy is now available on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  If you’re on Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.  Join Grania O’Ceagan and her brothers as the crew of a space freighter, the MoCroidhe, as they travel the space lanes with some unusual passengers.  It’s a thrilling adventure science fiction fantasy.

Released in March, 2016 – Posted in May, 2016.

New December 21st!  

reneaverett_cover-100dpiI’m Riona Kelly and I am thrilled that my debut suspense romance novel is being released on December 21st and will be available in paperback on CreateSpace and Amazon.  It will also be available for the Kindle on Amazon and will be part of Kindle Unlimited.  I will add the links as soon as they are available.

I can’t wait for you to have the chance to meet my young heroine, Martinque “Marti” Claremont, a plucky young journalist from San Francisco, who returns home under sad circumstances when her brother is killed in an accident.  Home is a vineyard and winery in Northern California dominated by her controlling father.  Marti senses something wrong about her brother’s death, so she investigates and turns up much more than she imagined.  I hope you’ll be intrigued by this story of love, treachery, greed and ambition in the vineyards.

You can visit my launch page, which will have links soon.  Read more at my author page.

Out now and available on Amazon.

Meal4Two Cookbook2-Magic-final-kindle

From Rene Averett – I’m just adding my first cookbook, Meals for Two, the first book of the Low Carb Recipe Magic series to this page.  The book was released on March 12, 2015 and is available from CreateSpace and Amazon.  With over a hundred recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, you’ll have plenty of options to vary your food choices will still losing weight or maintaining it.  All the recipes are written for small servings since it seems a lot of us are in this boat alone or with just one other person so avoid too many leftovers and cook small batches.  The recipes are easily doubled if there are more to dine, so it’s a flexible plan.  Visit my launch page for more information and links.

My second low carb cookbook is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.  It’s called Sweets by the Season in the Low Carb Recipe Magic series.  You’ll find over 55 low carb recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, waffles, and candies.  I’ve also done my first-ever book trailer for this book.  Bear with me, it’s a learning curve, but you can view it on my launch page and visit my author page for more.  Rene Averett

Funeral Singer

Hi!  I’m Lillian Wolfe and my new book is releasing on September 1, 2015.  Funeral Singer – A Song for Marielle is a paranormal suspense novel. It is the first of a spirit mystery series featuring Gillian Foster, a singer by night and dog -groomer by day, who gains an unexpected “gift” after an accident.  Interested?  Learn more at my launch page and at my author page.

From Angelina Fasano, book 2 in Les Loups-Garous series, Beta Rising,