Book Shelf

The following books have been released through Pynhavyn Press and are available on in paperback and/or eBook.

Cook Books

Meal4Two Cookbook2-Magic-final-kindleMeals for Two  (Low Carb Recipe Magic) by Rene Averett – Living a low carb life style doesn’t mean your meals have to be boring with the same old salad day after day.  This cookbook is filled with recipes the author used while losing weight and continuing to maintain the loss.

sweetsCookbook2-Magic-rev3-coverSweets by the Season (Low Carb Recipe Magic) by Rene Averett – Sweets by the Season is all about making some of those delicious desserts that you love and still staying within your low carb goals.  With the products available in stores and on the internet, you can make many cakes, cookies, pies and other sweets that are fit with your lifestyle.

coverLC15-Mexican2_96Mexican Food for a Low Carb Lifestyle (LC15) by Rene Averett – From the author of the “Low Carb Recipe Magic” series of cookbooks, a new recipe book featuring delicious foods with the spices, flavors and scents that you so love. Mexican food isn’t always easy to enjoy when you’re living a low carb lifestyle. In this booklet, you’ll discover fifteen delicious and low carb recipes to make Mexican food easily at home. Every recipe is under 10 effective carbs, so you can enjoy the taste and spice of South of the Border food anytime.Includes photos and basic nutrition information for each recipe.

LC15-Breakfast250Breakfast Choices for a Low Carb Lifestyle (LC15) by Rene Averett- From the author of the “Low Carb Recipe Magic” series of cookbooks, a new recipe book featuring 15 plus a bonus recipe to make your breakfast time satisfying and delicious. Low carb breakfast recipes to help expand your breakfast choices while staying within your low carb limits. This little booklet offers great options for tasty, healthy breakfast food from omelets to pancakes. This is a 44 page book with 15 kitchen-tested and delicious recipes (plus a bonus) and full color photos.

Children’s Books

lladle_page01Connie and the Missing Ladle (6 to 8 years) by Rene Averett – Eight-year-old Connie is eager to learn how to make biscuits and her grandfather has promised to teach her. But when they get ready, they discover that Grampa’s soup ladle is missing and he must have it in order to complete the stew for dinner.  Can Connie solve the mystery of the missing ladle in time to get the biscuits made before her mom comes home for dinner?

tn-final_coverStorm Squad Rising (mid-grade) by Rene Averett – Nerds. Dweebs. Squints.  It doesn’t matter what names the school bully and his friends call the more studious four kids who prefer reading, science, and fantasy to the silly games and jock interests of the “cool” crew.  Bryan, Orlando, Eddie, and Li have plans of their own and won’t be deterred. Will they be able to get their plan completed in time?

 Young Adult

AlphasSong-72Alpha’s Song by Angelina Fasano- Urban Fantasy – In quiet little Kennington, Massachusetts, dark secrets abound and some are buried deeper than others.
Mysterious club owner Daniel Hawthorne keeps them close to his heart.
Following the devastating death of her mother, Christa Ellsworth never expected to return to the town where she grew up, but five years later, she finds herself dragged back to the scene of her family’s tragedy. Christa’s plan to finish high school unnoticed comes to a halt following a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome club owner she can’t get out of her head and she begins to uncover the extraordinary truth about the town she grew up in and an unusual birthright that is now hers. Now she must figure out how to unite herself with the alpha she was meant to be, while coming to terms with a betrayal that directly affects her, and her heart could be left broken in two or worse.
As brutal murders begin happening around her, Christa and Daniel join forces to attempt to destroy evil and bring her power to fruition. And if Daniel and Christa succeed in destroying the darkness threatening them, who will be left to protect them… from each other?

Science Fiction and Fantasy

tn-funeral_singer_front-coverA Song for Marielle (Funeral Singer Book 1) by Lillian I Wolfe – Gillian Foster is gifted with the ability to sing the dead to the next life. Her skill takes on new dimensions when one of the dead asks for her help but it puts her squarely in the path of the killer and the detectives working the case. Does she have what it takes to solve the case and survive?
“Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle” is a paranormal suspense novel with a touch of romance. It is the first “Funeral Singer” book in a planned series of spirit mysteries.

menafee-72dpi-1500x200010.29.15-edit1A Song for Menafee (Funeral Singer Book 2) by Lillian I Wolfe – Can a dark secret shatter the soul? While attempting to help an unsettled soul cross into the light, a spirit escort learns an unexpected truth on the battlefield of Shiloh.


legacy-72dpi-1500x2000O’Ceagan’s Legacy (O’Ceagan Saga Book 1) by Lillian I Wolfe – Trained by her grandfather to command, Grania O’Ceagan expects to one day inherit the family’s space freighter, but first she must prove herself worthy to be captain. Her ambitious brother Liam is nipping at her heels and wants the ship as well. While she adores Vilnius, the dashing assistant station master, their lives are worlds apart, but they relish their time together whenever the ship docks at Earth’s station.
On the return trip to their home world, they take on two unplanned passengers and run into serious, life-threatening events that could destroy everything. Grania must muster her crew and apply all she’s learned to save her ship and crew from imminent destruction. Can she prove herself the leader she expects to be?


for evleven mil reasons-frontFor Eleven Million Reasons (The Franklin Logs) by M. L. Weatherington – A lottery win of eleven million dollars sets off a chain of events that alarms the residents of a small California town. Lodi Police Departments Lieutenant of Homicide, Arthur Franklin, strides into a horrific crime scene that changes his life forever. The more he searches for answers, the more the investigation becomes a game of cat and mouse. The case takes an unexpected turn and becomes personal when he receives a blood-chilling new lead. Can Arthur hold on to his sanity and find the killer in time?

Suspense Romance

reneaverett_cover-100dpiBitter Vintage by Riona Kelly – A sudden death and a daughter’s return yield a bitter harvest. When Philip Claremont, the heir to the family vineyards in Northern California, is killed in an accident, his sister Martinique returns home for the funeral. A journalist in San Francisco, Marti returns in shock and grief to find her father reclusive, her estranged half-sister in residence, and a mysterious person skulking around the property. Learning more about her brother’s death, she grows suspicious of the accident, convinced there is more to the story.
At the funeral, she encounters her brother’s best friend, Lee Kellog, and is reminded of how close her own friendship with him was while they were growing up. Lee makes it clear he still has a deep affection for her. He also questions Philip’s death and knows things about the accident that don’t sit well with him. Can the two of them working together prove her brother was murdered?