Pynhavyn Writers

Hurtling past writer’s block, these are our authors…

As a new entity, we have just a few names in the writers’ list, but we hope to see that grow over the next few years. 

Lillian Wolfe has been writing fantasy, science fiction and fan fiction for years.  It’s the publishing part that has been the delay in getting them out.  Now Lillian has three series books launched; two for Funeral Singer and one for The O’Ceagan Saga. Learn more here.

Riona Kelly is a pen name for a writing team who write suspense romance novels.  Their first novel is out and they are working on the second one.  Learn more here.

Angelina Fasano writes YA fantasy and paranormal novels and just released her first book for Pynhavyn Press. She’s a new mom, holds down a full time  job, and still manages to fit in time to write. Learn more here.

Rene Averett has been learning a whole new way of cooking and eating to maintain a low carbohydrate lifestyle to manage her weight.  She has published four low carb recipe books in two series that feature some of the low carb dishes she has created or adapted, delicious real food that can make you forget you are restricting your starches.  She has a blog with many recipes to give you a taste of what’s to come. She recently branched out to writing children’s book and her first illustrated book is out. Learn more here.

M.L. Weatherington  published her first novel at the young age of 80!  She has a riveting crime novel out that is the first of a series.  Learn more here.