Angelina Fasano

As a young adult/new adult writer, Angelina Fasano leans to the paranormal fantasy genre.

Alpha'sSongi-1500x2000In Alpha’s Song, her first novel for Pynhavyn Press, Angelina is focusing on a troubled teenager with shape-changing issues and quite a bit of attitude.   Christa Ellsworth is a feisty teenager who is coping with moving from one coast to another and a new classroom for her senior year of high school while maturing into a birthright power that sets her apart from her peers. Readers will meet and follow this tough young lady with attitude in the Les Loups Garous Books series.  The novel is planned for release August 5, 2016.

Angelina is a new mother, who is blessed with an understanding and encouraging husband.  She has been writing since she was a young girl and still remains in touch with her teenage-self.  Angie grew up in Northern California and now lives “over the hill” in Reno, Nevada.

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