LC 15 – Three-in-one Cookbook

Three LC 15 Cookbooks in One Volume at a Lower Price

Now the first 3 of the LC 15 series cookbooks are available in a single volume and in print!

Due to the limitations of print, none of the individual booklets have been made printable, but with combining them into one volume, I am able to produce a print copy and also an e-book that combines them. The best part? Buying them in a set reduces the cost for the e-books a little.

Now, you can get Mexican Food, Breakfast Choices and Magic Muffins in one easy to take to the kitchen book.

Are you living a low carb lifestyle but you’re craving some of your favorites, such as spicy Mexican food or bread? Maybe you just don’t have enough ideas for a low carb breakfast or lunch. This 3-in-1 volume of recipes combines 3 of Rene Averett’s recipe booklets with tried and true recipes that helped her lose 150 pounds while still enjoying favorite Tex-Mex food, eating hearty breakfasts, and making simple, quick bread, cakes, and rolls she calls “Magic Muffins”.

Each of these booklets, with at least 15 recipes in each one, is sold separately in eBook format, but this print volume combines all three booklets into one easy-to-carry-to- the-kitchen package. This includes the full booklets of “Mexican Food for a Low Carb Lifestyle”, “Breakfast Choices for a Low Carb Lifestyle” and “Magic Muffins for a Low Carb Lifestyle”. All recipes include photographs and nutrition information to help you plan your meals within your low carb requirements.


In 2010, I started on the New Atkins for a New You diet, which is now about two versions back from the this edition. This is the fourth time I’ve used the diet to lose weight, and it has worked each time. But I’ve gone off it after the weight was off and eventually regained the weight along with additional pounds each time. I’ve also lost weight with low calorie diets and had the same experience.

Sustainability is the biggest obstacle to weight loss. Once you have it off, how do you maintain? With a lot of determination and some helpful recipes that don’t push you over your net carb threshold is how. I soon realized that if I was to maintain my weight loss, I would need to learn how to make some of my favorite foods low carb. As I adjusted recipes and experimented, I started my Skinny Girl Bistro blog to share some of these recipes.

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Rene Averett, author and blogger

Rene Averett

Rene Averett blogs regularly on her Skinny Girl Bistro site where she shares information about low carb foods, living a low carb lifestyle and many recipes. Her first cookbook, Meals for Two – Low Carb Recipe Magic, was released on March 12, 2015.  It came about from the necessity of adapting recipes to her low carb lifestyle.

Rene hails from El Paso, Texas a good many years ago. She has lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and has made her home in Reno, Nevada since 1977. The latter part of her career centered on doing technical writing for a large gaming manufacturer and she enjoyed it right up until her retirement. She is now pursuing a career as an author and e-book publisher under Pynhavyn Press. She is a member of the Fiction Writers Group and the High Sierra Writers.

She loves the view of both the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Virginia City Foothills from her house in South Reno that she shares with her long -time companion, a dog, and three cats. She attempts a bit of gardening, loves to read and writes fantasy, suspense romance, and paranormal mystery novels.