Sweets by the Season

Missing sweets while you’re trying to control your weight?

Eating low carb doesn’t mean you have to do without.  With this book, you’ll have over 55 delicious sugar-free, low carb recipes at your fingertips.  The recipes are adjusted to help you (and me) enjoy desserts and breakfast sweets while still keeping the weight off.  Low carb doesn’t have to be boring…

About the Book

Picture: Recipe example Cranberry Almond Shortbread Tart
Typical recipe in the book but the paperback has black and white images, All color photos are on my website for viewing. Full instructions follow the ingredient list.
We celebrate holidays year round with family, friends, and good food. All those wonderful desserts can really put a bulge in your diet when you’re trying to stick with a low carb lifestyle.
The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of those holiday treats.  Most of the recipes in this book can be easily made with low carb flours, including almond flour and coconut flour, meaning the effective carbohydrates in a serving are all under 10 net carbs.  Most are much lower than that.  The assorted recipes are arranged by season and cover most of the standard holidays.  You’ll find recipes for pumpkin pie, cranberry tortes, cookies, sweet rolls, cakes and more.
Low carb living can be deliciously sweet.  See for yourself.


About the Author

Rene Averett, author and blogger

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Rene Averett blogs regularly on her Skinny Girl Bistro site where she shares information about low carb foods, living a low carb lifestyle and many recipes. This is her first cookbook and it came about by the necessity of adapting recipes to her low carb lifestyle.

Rene hails from El Paso Texas a good many years ago. She has lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and has made her home in Reno, Nevada since 1977. The latter part of her career centered on doing technical writing for a large gaming manufacturer and she enjoyed it right up until her retirement. She is now pursuing her career as an author and e-book publisher under Pynhavyn Press. She is a member of the Fiction Writers Group and the High Sierra Writers.

She loves the view of both the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Virginia City Foothills from her house in South Reno that she shares with her long time companion, a dog, and three cats. She sometimes plays the guitar and sings Celtic and folk music, attempts a bit of gardening, loves to read and write fantasy, suspense romance and paranormal mystery novels.