Riona Kelly

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Riona Kelly is a pen name for a pair of writers, who collaborate on suspense romance novels.  One of the ladies writes paranormal suspense and sci-fi fantasy under a different pen name.  Here’s a hint, check out Lillian I. Wolfe.

The Riona side of the team hails from the southwestern United States where she was raised until 21, then she migrated to California.  She lived in the Los Angeles area  for several years before moving back east all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  She eventually moved north to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She enjoys painting, drawing, music and living an uncomplicated life while serving the needs of her feline companions.  She’s a fan of figure skating and has skated a bit herself, although not competitively.  Writing is a passion so like it or not, there will be more books.

As for the Kelly girl, she comes from Northern California and migrated to the R: 131 G: 255 B: 190 X:43796 Y: 0 S: 89 Z: 20 F: 250same northern region of Nevada after a couple of years at college in the Golden State.  She is a voracious reader, enjoys a good book, and likes to twist plots.  In her spare time, she pampers her Bichon-poodle mix pup, sometimes like to zip down to Picasso and Wine and slap some paint on a canvas for fun, and enjoys Celtic and operatic music.


New Book coming out June 21, 2018

Look for a new suspense romance from Riona Kelly on June 21, 2018.  The book, Echoes of the Past is a set in north Wales in present day as American school teacher, Kathleen Donaghue is set for a research summer in the area around Harlech.  Her plans are interrupted when she finds a dead woman washed ashore. In spite of her wish to steer clear of the investigation, she find herself entangled in the mystery of the woman’s death.

Visit the launch page.

reneaverett_cover-100dpiThe first book from this team is Bitter Vintage, a suspense romance  novel set in the California vineyards in the mid-1960’s.  In this time of labor disputes and the push for fair wages for migrant field workers, Martinique Claremont returns to her family’s winery and vineyard when her brother, who was to inherit the business, is suddenly killed in an accident.  Marti’s forged a career as a journalist in San Francisco and is romantically involved with her boss, but a flame is kindled when she encounters her brother’s best friend, handsome Lee Kellog.

“Bitter Vintage” brings the suspense of treachery, greed and ambition along with romance and betrayal as the story unfolds against the California vineyards of the Napa-Sonoma region and the migrant workers’ struggle for fair wages in 1964. The book’s retro-style is comparable to Mary Stewart’s suspense novels.  Visit the launch page.