Echoes of the Past

A picture-perfect morning.  A dead woman washes onto the beach.

Knowing what you should do doesn’t mean that you will.

Kathleen Donaghue’s summer research trip to Wales turns upside down in that horrible moment when she finds the body. Without warning, the intrigue surrounding the victim sucks her into an eddy of unanswered questions. Who was she? How did she come to be washed ashore? Was it murder?
That night, an enigmatic stranger arrives at her hotel, and with a brief encounter, he sets her trouble radar on alert. A man to be avoided. Only he seems to go out of his way to find her as their paths continue to cross. The more Kathleen tries to pull away, the more fate shoves her closer. Through her growing fears, Kathleen wonders if she is tangled in a mystery that might endanger her life.
The first book in a series of international romantic suspense novels, Echoes of the Past is set in present-day North Wales with an American Rose Abroad.

About the Book

The northern part of Wales is filled with gorgeous scenery, quaint stone-built villages and the exquisite sands of Cardigan Bay. We, the writers,first saw this bay back in 1979 when we went to Great Britain for the World Science Fiction Convention at Brighton. We rented a car and toured through the west lands of Devon, Cornwall, and Wales before taking the ferry across to Ireland. I fell in love with Wales at first sight of the wild-looking hills, the towering mountains of Snowdonia, and the coastal castles.
Since then, I have been back several times, often taking the trains and exploring as much of the area as possible. I still have more places I’d love to go and people I’d like to meet. In some ways, the land feels like home to me even though I was born and raised in Texas in a city that resembled nothing that is in Wales. Could it be the Welsh blood in my soul calling out to its homeland? Their word for that longing for a place that is home is hiraeth (pronounced er-aith with the h mostly silent). 
Wales inspired the story and provided the setting. In the countryside,  several stone megaliths remind us of a civilization that lived and died there. We have taken liberties with adding a couple of stone dances that may or may not exist in the hills, but most of the details are based on reality. The actual references to the revival of druid rites are based on a movement that occurred many years ago and presumes that pockets of people who follow the revived ancient rituals still exist. Much of it comes from my imagination and speculation. Writer’s privilege.
We hope you will enjoy this suspenseful novel and can feel some of the love for Wales and her people infused into it.            Riona

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