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September 6 is National Read a Book Day. These Nevada writers invite you to read one of their books. Take a look at the list and click on any of the individual titles that you might want to learn more about. Most are available on Kindle and in paperback.

Graphic of all nine books.
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Old School Evil celebrates cartoons of the ‘80s and their colorful, over-the-top villains – Megatron, Miles Mayhem, Skeletor and the other villains that held our weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings hostage. 
     Brian Cave’s debut novel delivers an exciting ride in this manic world. Check it out.



H. Christian McLean, MD, renowned cardiac surgeon and connoisseur of women, is an unhappy man. Recovering from the heart attack that almost killed him and craving the Maker’s Mark now denied him, McLean despairs: Will he ever again repair an injured heart? Will women ever again desire him?
       Author Patti Doty’s latest story from the world of her beloved character Quinn DeMello is one of challenges, transformation, and love.



Award-winning horror! Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist, 2018: Foreword Indies Book of the Year Honorable Mention, 2018: Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award, 2017.

The dead don’t always sleep. After doing his stint in the army, Don Lattimore buried his battlefield demons deep inside and settled comfortably into Diablo Springs. Serving as county sheriff, for nearly two decades he’s enjoyed the tranquility of the Nevada desert until the day he discovers evidence of satanic activity inside an abandoned house. Now he’s trapped in a showdown with his own nightmares. Threatening to fulfill a chilling prophesy, something inside him has clawed itself free. The good people of Diablo Springs begin to die and the only way Lattimore can put a stop to it comes with a steep price–a price he’s unwilling to pay. But to save his community and family, he must. And time is running out.



Pack is power; pack is family.

In quiet little Kennington, Massachusetts, dark secrets abound and some are buried deeper than others. Mysterious club owner Daniel Hawthorne keeps them close to his heart.                   Following the devastating death of her mother, Christa Ellsworth never expected to return to the town where she grew up, but five years later, she finds herself dragged back to the scene of her family’s tragedy. Christa’s plan to finish high school unnoticed comes to a halt following a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome club owner she can’t get out of her head.  Angelina Fasano’s novel is a tension-filled YA/ Urban Fantasy story.



Deep in the Colorado Mountains lie many secrets. One of them could change the world.

When sixteen-year-old Eve Hunter returns to her childhood home of Ridgway, Colorado, she discovers a tight-knit colony of scientists and their families led by her grandfather, Jarak. Ten years earlier, her mother drowned suspiciously in a nearby canyon, and Eve becomes convinced the townspeople are hiding something. By lineage, Eve belongs to the colony and despite her reservations, she feels drawn to the colonists—particularly one of them: Daniel Winter, an eerily familiar, intense boy whose determination to monitor her and all the colonists is more than a little disturbing. Wendy C, Jorgensen’s YA/Science Fiction novel will draw you in to another world. 



A sudden death and a daughter’s return yield a bitter harvest.

When Philip Claremont, the heir to the family vineyards in Northern California, is killed in an accident, his sister Martinique returns home for the funeral. A journalist in San Francisco, Marti returns in shock and grief to find her father reclusive, her estranged half-sister in residence, and a mysterious person skulking around the property. Learning more about her brother’s death, she grows suspicious of the accident, convinced there is more to the story.  
      “Bitter Vintage” brings the suspense of treachery, greed and ambition along with romance and betrayal as the story unfolds against the California vineyards of the Napa-Sonoma region and the migrant workers’ struggle for fair wages in 1964.  Riona Kelly’s Romantic Suspense novel delves into a generational family facing a changing world.  This book is FREE download until Sunday 09-09-18,



     Sworn to protect her sister from unjust laws in steam-driven Victorian England, Lily’s wayward heart settles on the one man she cannot have: a police officer.
     Let Margaret McGaffey Fisk’s romantic steampunk novel take you to an alternate universe.



Ari Wren has a great life: Two best friends and a family she loves. Cade Waters is by far the most popular guy at Sierra High School. Why then has he suddenly noticed Ari, a freshman nobody? Her friends are surprised by his attention and more than a little jealous. As Ari finds herself falling for Cade, his requests become more intimate and personal. Ari feels confused and unsure about what to do. Follow Ari as she navigates budding romance, tough decisions, betrayal, and a trip to an island in this young adult story of growing up the hard way.
     Jacci Turner’s Young Adult novel looks at social media in a way that might be an eyeopener for young people.



A head injury opens the door to an unusual gift…

Gillian Foster is a singer and talented musician looking for a break into the super career she always dreamed of, but a little accident changes all that and bestows a paranormal gift that leads her down a different, unsettling, and dangerous path. 
     When Gillian is asked to sing at a funeral, she accepts the paying job.  But she discovers she can see and talk to the deceased while she is singing. She soon learns that her spirit clients might need her help in settling business left behind before they pass into the light.
     The first book of the Funeral Singer series,  A Song for Marielle is a paranormal  suspense novel with a touch of romance.