Welcome to Pynhavyn Press

Writing, e-Publishing, and Editing

Pynhavyn Press is a very small publishing assistant for almost any genre of fiction plus cookbooks. It is more of a writers’ cooperative than a publishing house.  Our goal is to help new writers get their books into print or at least out in digital format.

Our initial slate of authors includes Rene Averett, who also writes under Lillian Wolfe and Riona Kelly, Angelina Fasano, and M.L. Weatherington and our genres include cookbooks, suspense romance, young adult, fantasy, science fiction, police mystery and children’s books.

The plan is to publish the books through Amazon digital publishing in the “start small and build” mode.  As we grow, we hope to add to our list of authors.  We’re learning a lot about formatting and publishing and our print list is beginning to grow.  Check out the various author pages to see what each has done this past year and a half.

What else do you do?

Rene Averett is the founder of Pynhavyn Press and has done some editing for other writers and businesses, from basic grammar and punctuation checking to beta reading with comments and suggestions.  Her services are available.  Rene was a technical writer, as well as a creative writer, before she retired.  In addition to technical manuals, she wrote training guides and Power Point presentations.  Contact us for additional information at info@Pynhavyn.com